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How We Can Help

We can help trap and transport your cats for spay/neuter surgeries.

We can loan traps and show you how to use them.

We can help with cat food for your colony.

We can provide financial assistance for spay/neuter services for colony cats.

However, we are not a rescue: we do not take in, remove, or relocate cats.


Helpful Links

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Keeping Feral Cats Healthy

Returning Healthy Feral Cats

Cat Problem Solver


“I wish I could write as mysterious as a cat.” ~ Edgar Allan Poe.

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    Free-roaming cats in Elkhart County

    For assistance with free-roaming cats in Elkhart County, please contact the Elkhart County Feral Cat Coalition

  • Connector.

    Free-roaming cats outside of St. Joseph or Elkhart counties

    For assistance with free-roaming cats outside of St. Joseph or Elkhart counties, contact Alley Cat Allies

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    For assistance in spaying/neutering your pet cat, contact ABC Clinic, S.N.A.P., the Frantz Fund, or Neuter Scooter.